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Learn about the keto diet through our Complete Beginner's Guide to a Ketogenic Diet. We offer all the information you need to start keto.  Our guide to the keto diet walks you through what it is, benefits, side effects, what you can eat and more, all on one page.

Ketogenic Meal Plans are a necessity for beginners to the keto diet.  We offer an affordable 28 Day Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan.  If you haven't had success on other diets, a keto diet may be just the diet that will work with you.

Calculate your keto macros.  What are keto macros?  Keto macros are specific to each person, and are calculated based on health or weight loss goals, your individual height, age weight and more.  Start the keto diet right by calculating your keto macros.


Hi, I'm Janine, and welcome to

My belief is that everyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle - body and mind through a ketogenic diet.  I believe the keto diet, paired with a few other tools, is a fantastic way to achieve this goal.  Let me help you get the body you want and the health you need for life with my ketogenic diet program.


Let's talk specifically about how the ketogenic diet can help with weight loss, and why it's better than other diets.  There's specific mechanisms for weight loss that the keto diet works on in the body.

What is this mysterious "keto flu".  Did I catch it?  You can't catch the keto flu, but it's definitely something you want to avoid when starting the ketogenic diet if you can.  Read more about what the keto flu is, including the symptoms, and ways you can prevent it!

Apple cider vinegar is a bit of a fad in the mind of some people, but it's actually a super helpful supplement on the ketogenic diet.  It can help with some minor side effects of the keto diet, and help you lose weight.

Inflammation can be a factor for many chronic diseases.  Did you know the ketogenic diet can help you reduce chronic inflammation?  Let's take a look at the many ways that ketosis and keto will help reduce inflammatory markers in the body.

People LOVE soy sauce, so it's no wonder that one of the most popular questions we get is...can you have soy sauce on a ketogenic diet?  It's a bit of a complex answer, but we don't leave you hanging.  Click here to read more on whether soy sauce is allowed on keto.

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There's tons of no calorie sweeteners on the market today, but which ones are actually allowed on the ketogenic diet?  You want to look for one that doesn't raise blood glucose on insulin levels, is non-caloric, and has no side effects.  Read about your keto sweetener options here.


Ketogenic Diet Meal Plans Offered Here

Packed with 28 days of delicious ketogenic diet meals that don’t taste like diet foods.  Plus you get 3 keto meals a day, and snacks if you need them.  Plus weekly grocery lists and tips & tricks to lose the weight with a ketogenic diet lifestyle.

Keto Coaching, self guided or one on one

Step by step ketogenic diet weight loss program to ensure you meet your goals.   The self coaching program is built so that you can achieve health for life - no more yoyo dieting.  Learn ways to manage the food you eat, and control your impulses.

Ketogenic diet Recipes & information galore!

We have plenty of ketogenic diet recipes. We also provide nutritional information so you can easily calculate your keto macros with each recipe.  Plus, you can submit your own keto diet recipe and use it with our meal planner tool.